Welcome to the Design Thinking and Policy Research Lab, where our mission is as clear as a glass of water in a desert - we're all about unleashing the creative chaos! Our goal? To wrangle the collective genius of researchers, designers, lawyers, policymakers, and future tech wizards to whip up some seriously mind-bending solutions to the big, hairy problems of our era.

We've got a few quirks (in a good way!) on our radar, and here's the scoop:


We're the mad scientists of healthcare, concocting wacky but wonderful ways to make healthcare better, friendlier, and just all-around awesome. Think patient-centered innovations that'll make you say, 'Why didn't we think of that before?'


We're not your average courtroom drama fans. Nope, we're the ones behind the scenes crafting communication strategies and policies that are so revolutionary, they're practically wearing capes. Our goal? A world where justice is served piping hot, and individual rights are protected through the magic of information sharing.

Climate Crises

Mother Earth's biggest fans? That's us! We're diving headfirst into climate change with strategies that are as cool as a cucumber (and as green as one, too). From high-tech wizardry to good old-fashioned policy savvy, we're on a mission to save the planet. Plus, we've got a special knack for teaching indigenous communities the ins and outs of climate science.

Social Justice

We're the champions of fairness, the architects of equality, and the maestros of reimagining. Our aim? A world where equity, inclusion, and social justice reign supreme. We're all about shaking up the status quo and lifting up those who've been pushed to the sidelines.

Gamification Wizardry

We conjure up playful strategies to engage and empower diverse audiences while collecting invaluable data along the way.

But wait, there's more! We're not just about games; we're also the masters of "Educational Alchemy." We blend innovative educational pedagogies to make learning as enchanting as a magic potion, sparking the flames of knowledge in even the most curious minds.

And guess what? All our approaches are not just human-friendly but planet-hugger approved! So, welcome to our wild, wacky, and wonderfully effective world. Buckle up; it's going to be one heck of a ride!"